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A Well-Mannered Storm

By Kate Braid
Categories: Poetry

"Selected for Poetry in Transit 2009", A Well-Mannered Storm is an exploration of loose correspondence between one of Canada's greatest musicians, Glenn Gould, and "K," an admiring fan. Braid weaves an ...


By Ken Belford
Categories: Poetry

In Ken Belford's fifth book of poetry he takes us on a journey through Canada's roadless north where he has discovered a third world gaze, looking out at industrialism and its impact on a region abundant ...

Finding Ft. George

By Rob Budde
Categories: Poetry

Finding Ft. George is the poetic record of Rob Budde's growing love of Prince George and the Cariboo north-central region of BC. The poems are an act of discovery and they describe the various social, ...

All Things Said & Done

By Marita Dachsel
Categories: Poetry

Marita Dachsel's debut collection is a visceral exploration of the moments of life that stand out in the pages of a family album and the intervals of memory. She playfully and poignantly documents first ...

Soft Geography

By Gillian Wigmore
Categories: Poetry

"What a wonderful, fresh voice Gillian Wigmore brings to the page. These wise poems know the push and pull within family. They reveal the tender truths behind the rough edges of small-town life. Her voice ...

Threadbare Like Lace

By Jacqueline Baldwin
Categories: Poetry

The reflective poems in Threadbare Like Lace comment on the world as Jacqueline Baldwin has experienced it. She is an expatriate New Zealander who has lived and worked in such far-flung places as Montreal ...

A Northern Woman

By Jacqueline Baldwin
Categories: Poetry

In her second volume of poetry, acclaimed writer Jacqueline Baldwin examines life in the North as a poet, feminist and environmentalist.

Curtained Windows, Lighted Rooms

By Bal Sethi
Categories: Poetry

Bal Sethi pens his reflections on all that is happening around him with wisdom and a (sometimes) heavy heart. An example is the poem "Home for the Holidays" where the narrator discovers that his wife ...

The Centre

By Barry McKinnon
Categories: Poetry

These poems span fifteen years of life in the northern industrial output of Prince George, BC. They portray family, friendship, sex, death, health, work, love and human hope as subjects of a harsh social, ...

Your Good Hat

By Barbara Munk
Introduction by George Stanley
Categories: Poetry

In this twenty-year retrospective of Barbara Munk's work, she pays close attention to the world around her: the man who rustles through garbage cans and dumpsters for his food, the undertaker who wants ...