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The Average Height of Flight

By Beth Kope
Categories: Poetry

The poems in Average Height of Flight are founded in the landscape of coastal BC, built on the losses within the narrator's life in counterpoint to her walks in the natural world. In forests with her dog, ...

Love Will Burst Into a Thousand Shapes

By Jane Eaton Hamilton
Categories: Poetry

Art, children, marriage, breaking, rejoicing. Love is a many-branched tree and in Hamilton's newest poetry collection, her third, it's autumn or winter, the winds are kicking up and branches are flying ...

Dead Salmon Dialectics

Drawing on scientific studies of salmon recycling in perhumid rainforests, Dead Salmon Dialectics follows the dark and often humorous trial of a young biologist at work in the wildest estuaries of the ...

Dreamland Theatre

By Rob Budde
Categories: Poetry

The Dreamland Theatre exists in a photograph of a white building on sledges being pulled through the mud from one location to another by a team of horses in Prince George (then Fort George) circa 1912. ...

Steeling Effects

By Jane Byers
Categories: Poetry

Why do some of us learn to bend? Others break? How do we move from shame to being "enough"? How do we bounce back stronger after adversity and then embrace our own humanity with its flawed beauty? In ...

Covering Rough Ground

By Kate Braid
Categories: Poetry

Poems about Kate's early experience in construction.

Black Liquor

By Dennis E. Bolen
Categories: Poetry

Dennis E. Bolen's forthcoming volume of poetry, Black Liquor, continues his exploration of modern disconnection and the disparate paths taken by those railing against the austere landscape of their lives. ...

The Silence of Horses

By Lorne Dufour
Categories: Poetry

We need no longer hide behind concepts of alienation or the language of clever linguistics while the poor are dying we need the silence of our horses.


In Lorne Dufour's third book of poetry, The Silence ...

This Isn't the Apocalypse We Hoped For

By Al Rempel
Categories: Poetry

How do we navigate a world of fast-food joints, big-box stores and traffic jams, where people grandstand in the deli and homeless men announce the end of the world through "slats in the sky"? Where the ...

Sit You Waiting

By Kim Clark
Categories: Poetry

Kim Clark believes that before multiple sclerosis began its insidious infiltration, there was no writing in her. That somehow the damaging changes that shut down certain functions in her brain also opened ...