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Leaving Now

By Arleen Paré
Categories: Poetry

Set in the volatile 1970s and '80s, when social norms and expectations were changing rapidly, Leaving Now is the emotionally candid story of a mother's anguish as she leaves her husband to love a woman. ...

Versions of North

By G.P. Lainsbury
Categories: Poetry

In this late-modern period of slackened meaning, G.P. Lainsbury's Versions of North attempts to locate poetic consciousness in the drifting concept of north, using avant garde techniques to reveal connections ...

Beautiful Mutants

By Adam Pottle
Categories: Poetry

In this jarring collection, Adam Pottle cracks open the world of disability, illuminating it with an idiom that is both unsettling and exhilarating. His subjects are gritty and multifarious: amputee sex ...

And See What Happens

By Ursula Vaira
Categories: Poetry

In her first book of poetry, Ursula Vaira captures the rugged and challenging beauty of the West Coast landscape in three poignant stories.

The first, told through a set of linked poems, describes her ...


Edited by Debbie Keahey
Categories: Poetry, Anthology

Ambulance lights flash as a baby is born on a busy city street, pine beetles paint forests a palette of new colours, a young boy faces a watery death under the ice of a frozen lake, and a mother stands ...

Inward to the Bones

By Kate Braid
Categories: Poetry

In 1930, Emily Carr met Georgia O'Keeffe at an exhibition of O'Keeffe's paintings in New York. Inspired by the idea of a bond between these two powerful painters, award-winning poet Kate Braid has expanded ...


By Al Rempel
Categories: Poetry

Understories explores the meeting of the natural, suburban and inner-city experiences of Prince George. These poems look beneath the daily observations of a place jostled between stripmalls and pubs, the ...

Valley Sutra

By Kuldip Gill
Categories: Poetry, BIPOC

Memorials and the yearning to re-create the past permeate Valley Sutra, award-winning poet Kuldip Gill's new collection. The voices of East Indian communities and families speak up, reminding us that ...

(flood basement

By Jeremy Stewart
Categories: Poetry

Jeremy Stewart's first book, (flood basement, is a young poet's search for and discovery of his place in the local landscape. The poet is haunted by the legacy of colonialism and propelled by the struggles ...

Enter the Chrysanthemum

By Fiona Tinwei Lam
Categories: Poetry, BIPOC

Enter the Chrysanthemum is a luminous collection of poems about family, love and loss. Employing precise imagery and concise language, Lam plumbs and mines ordinary events and experiences to find a central ...