Inward to the Bones

Georgia O'Keeffe's Journey with Emily Carr

By Kate Braid

Categories: Poetry
Imprint: Caitlin Press
Paperback : 9781894759458, April 2010


In 1930, Emily Carr met Georgia O'Keeffe at an exhibition of O'Keeffe's paintings in New York. Inspired by the idea of a bond between these two powerful painters, award-winning poet Kate Braid has expanded that momentary meeting into a passionate, revolutionary friendship. In Georgia O'Keeffe's voice, she envisions what might have happened if the two women had visited each other in the landscapes that inspired their art: O'Keeffe's New Mexico and Carr's British Columbia. Thus begins an extraordinary journey through landscape, art and desire and inward to the bones. This Kate Braid classic was originally published by Polestar in 1998. It was nominated for the Pat Lowther Memorial Award and the Milton Acorn People's Poetry Prize. Inward to the Bones was a winner of the Vancity Book Award.