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Disaster on Mount Slesse

Mount Slesse, a jagged 2,500-metre peak near Chilliwack BC known locally as "The Fang," lived up to its evil reputation on December 9, 1956, when Trans Canada Airlines Flight 810 slammed into it, killing ...

Sternwheelers and Canyon Cats

By Jack Boudreau
Categories: BC History

Forbidding canyons, raging rapids and menacing rocks -- this was the daily challenge that faced whitewater men who worked the wild rivers and creeks to bring freight and supplies to northern BC in the ...

Salish Elders

By Wim Tewinkle
Categories: BC History, BIPOC

With stunning photographs and the Elders' stories, author Wim Tewinkel records the lives lead by twenty-one elders of the Interior Salish people. They share with the author the highlights of their lives ...

Mountains, Campfires & Memories

Champion of the backwoods, Jack Boudreau entertains with more stories from the wilds of British Columbia. Concentrating on the post-Second World War years, Jack tells us of how men survived, flourished ...

Chasing Their Dreams

By Lily Chow
Categories: BC History

Chasing Their Dreams recreates the hardships early Chinese settlers faced in Northwestern British Columbia: harsh land and climate, little or no financial resources, deep-set prejudice and sometimes racial ...

Grizzly Bear Mountain

By Jack Boudreau
Categories: Memoir, BC History

Hot on the heels of his best seller, Crazy Man's Creek, Jack Boudreau writes his sequel. We go back to the small community of Penny, learn what rural kids did to amuse themselves--mother wouldn't approve--and ...

Crazy Man's Creek

In Crazy Man's Creek, author Jack Boudreau tells of the characters who have "caught the fever" in the rugged McGregor Mountain Range east of Prince George. Long recognized as some of the toughest bush ...

Forests Power Policy

As education minister, Ray Williston introduced the idea of university education for teachers, among other then-radical innovations. As minister of lands and forests, he had his greatest impact. From ...

Sojourners in the North

By Lily Chow
Categories: BC History, BIPOC

Early Chinese settlers in BC lived a shadowy life. Sometimes feared, always misunderstood, these people farmed, mined, and lived in central BC with hopes of returning home to their villages with riches. ...

From California to North 52 Degrees

By Todd Lee & Eldon Lee
Categories: BC History

In the manner of a good fireside chat with a favourite aunt or uncle, Life in the Cariboo chronicles the Lees' life in one of BC's most rugged areas. We hear about swamp ranches, education by mail, life ...