Seeking Balance

Conversations with BC Women in Politics

By Anne Edwards

Categories: BC History
Imprint: Caitlin Press
Paperback : 9781894759311, November 2008


Many Canadians say that British Columbia is the zaniest political province. It's too diverse, too polarized - geographically, demographically and ideologically. But the British Columbia political arena is lively, and it has often led the way in electing women to parliaments - as respected spokespeople for the public and as equal people.

In Seeking Balance, Anne Edwards shares her conversations with more than eighty British Columbia women politicians, including Rita Johnston, Rosemary Brown, Grace McCarthy, Kim Campbell, Pat Carney, Darlene Marzari, Joy MacPhail and Carole James. These women who served as members of the provincial legislature or the Canadian parliament reveal their ambitions and their reactions to serving in a political system designed and dominated by men. Women struggle to find their place in the pyramids of power. They reach decisions in ways untraditional to Canadian politics; they bring ideas to a system ill-suited to respond; and they see clearly the jagged edges that should be smoothed in order to create a vibrant democratic state. These women - of many ages, across party lines and from all parts of the province - share attitudes and insights into the lively world of British Columbia politics, at home and across our nation.