Grizzly Bear Mountain

By Jack Boudreau

Categories: Memoir, BC History
Imprint: Caitlin Press
Paperback : 9780920576816, October 2000


Hot on the heels of his best seller, Crazy Man's Creek, Jack Boudreau writes his sequel. We go back to the small community of Penny, learn what rural kids did to amuse themselves--mother wouldn't approve--and then look over Jack's shoulder as he develops his fascination with the grizzly bear, first as a hunter, then as a photographer.The grizzly bear, according to Jack, is not a threatened species, at least not in the McGregor Mountain Range. Through Jack's eyes, we begin to understand and appreciate this marvellous beast. For example, did you know that grizzlies ski? As well as giving us a greater understanding of this magnificent bear, Jack speaks of his love of the rugged mountain country of Northern British Columbia where he feels lucky to have lived most of his life.