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Dancing in Gumboots

Edited by Lou Allison
Selected by Jane Wilde
Categories: Anthology, Feminism

After the extraordinary success of Gumboot Girls comes the sequel anthology, Dancing in Gumboots. Having relocated to Comox, Jane encountered a new group of women who travelled to the Comox Valley in ...

Love Me True

Edited by Fiona Tinwei Lam & Jane Silcott
Categories: Anthology

Modern love confessions and reflections just in time for Valentines Day, written by award-winning writers like Lorna Crozier, Susan Olding, Yasuko Thanh, Samra Zafar, and Michael Crummey. What keeps us ...


Edited by Yvonne Blomer
Categories: Anthology, Poetry

New poetry written by prize-winning BC poets, musicians, and artists such as Bruce Cockburn, Brian Brett and Lorna Crozier, anthologized by Victoria's city poet-laureate. While in the world of politics ...

Wherever I Find Myself

Edited by Miriam Matejova
Categories: Anthology, Feminism

An anthology of Canadian immigrant women and their experiences of being caught between the world of their past and the world of their future. In this third anthology in the Canadian women series by Caitlin ...

Making Room

Edited by Meghan Bell
Categories: Anthology, Feminism

Star-studded collection of CanLit's most notable and diverse women authors to be published in Canada's oldest literary journal by and about women. Making Room: Forty Years of Room Magazine celebrates the ...


Edited by Ruth Daniell
Categories: Anthology, Feminism

At turns heartbreaking and hilarious, boobs is a diverse collection of stories about the burdens, expectations and pleasures of having breasts. From the agony of puberty and angst of adolescence to the ...

This Place A Stranger

Edited by Vici Johnstone
Categories: Anthology, Travel & Outdoors

Sometimes tragic, sometimes uproariously funny, This Place a Stranger is a diverse collection of Canadian women writing about their experiences of travelling alone. From the deceptiveness of the everyday ...

Gumboot Girls

Edited by Lou Allison
Compiled by Jane Wilde
Categories: Anthology, Feminism

Forty years ago, droves of young women migrated away from urban settings and settled in rural areas across North America. Many settled on the north coast of British Columbia, on Haida Gwaii or around ...


Edited by Debbie Keahey
Categories: Poetry, Anthology

Ambulance lights flash as a baby is born on a busy city street, pine beetles paint forests a palette of new colours, a young boy faces a watery death under the ice of a frozen lake, and a mother stands ...

Walk Myself Home

Edited by Andrea Routley
Categories: Anthology, Feminism

There is an epidemic of violence against women in Canada and the world. For many women physical and sexual assault, or the threat of such violence, is a daily reality. Walk Myself Home is an anthology ...