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By Connie Kuhns
Categories: Feminism

When journalist Connie Kuhns approached Vancouver Cooperative Radio in 1981 to host a music program dedicated solely to playing music by women, there was some doubt at the station that there was enough ...

Hammer & Nail

By Kate Braid
Categories: Feminism

In 1977, Kate Braid began work as one of the first women to stumble (literally) into construction. Since then, feminism, the #MeToo movement, pay equity legislation and other efforts have led to more ...


Edited by Christina Myers
Categories: Anthology, Feminism

Pop culture stereotypes, shopping frustrations, fat jokes and misconceptions about health are all ways society systemically rejects large bodies. BIG is a collection of personal and intimate experiences ...

The Brightest Thing

By Ruth Daniell
Categories: Poetry, Feminism

In her first full-length collection, award-winning poet Ruth Daniell offers work that is both earnest and hopeful, even in the face of trauma. In formally exquisite and lyrical poems, The Brightest Thing ...

Dancing in Gumboots

Edited by Lou Allison
Selected by Jane Wilde
Categories: Anthology, Feminism

After the extraordinary success of Gumboot Girls comes the sequel anthology, Dancing in Gumboots. Having relocated to Comox, Jane encountered a new group of women who travelled to the Comox Valley in ...


By Heidi Greco
Categories: Poetry, Feminism

On the 120th anniversary of Amelia Earhart's birth and the 80th anniversary of her disappearance, award-winning poet, Heidi Greco revitalizes what we know about the iconic aviator through uplifting and ...

Wherever I Find Myself

Edited by Miriam Matejova
Categories: Anthology, Feminism

An anthology of Canadian immigrant women and their experiences of being caught between the world of their past and the world of their future. In this third anthology in the Canadian women series by Caitlin ...

Making Room

Edited by Meghan Bell
Categories: Anthology, Feminism

Star-studded collection of CanLit's most notable and diverse women authors to be published in Canada's oldest literary journal by and about women. Making Room: Forty Years of Room Magazine celebrates the ...


Edited by Ruth Daniell
Categories: Anthology, Feminism

At turns heartbreaking and hilarious, boobs is a diverse collection of stories about the burdens, expectations and pleasures of having breasts. From the agony of puberty and angst of adolescence to the ...

Gumboot Girls

Edited by Lou Allison
Compiled by Jane Wilde
Categories: Anthology, Feminism

Forty years ago, droves of young women migrated away from urban settings and settled in rural areas across North America. Many settled on the north coast of British Columbia, on Haida Gwaii or around ...