This Place A Stranger

Canadian Women Travelling Alone

Edited by Vici Johnstone

Categories: Anthology, Travel & Outdoors
Imprint: Caitlin Press
Paperback : 9781927575734, April 2015


Sometimes tragic, sometimes uproariously funny, This Place a Stranger is a diverse collection of Canadian women writing about their experiences of travelling alone. From the deceptiveness of the everyday to the extremes of geography, weather and violence, these stories go beyond the usual tales of intrepid male explorers and reveal the varied and unique circumstances in which women travellers find themselves when "going solo."

For one woman, the allure of a multiday hike on a "congenial trail" becomes as shrouded as the soggy temperate rainforest she was so unprepared for. After thirty-seven years of marriage, another woman prepares for her return trip to Africa: vaccination boosters, nausea pills and lots and lots of condoms. A seventeen-hour journey by car through the Great Lakes region of Ontario leads another to dreamlike reflections on the travels of her Anishinaabe grandmothers and the ever-present "fear, worry" she experiences today. In another story, a woman poignantly searches for what many seek on solo journeys - inspiration, renewal, discovery - by returning to Paris only a few years after the painful dissolution of her marriage. But the grey February, a body in pain and the funeral of Mavis Gallant offer a different insight.

With new work from both emerging and award-winning authors including Yvonne Blomer, Jane Eaton Hamilton, Waaseyaa'sin Christine Sy, Catherine Owen, Karen Lee and more, these stories explore the unexpected blessings and soul-searching that aloneness offers: clarity, liberation, danger, misery, adventure, devastation and joy.


“There’s no sugarcoating here: the women lay bare their fears, insecurities, joys, and triumphs as each travels with her strengths and emotional baggage … This Place a Stranger will resonate with any woman who’s had mixed feelings about travelling alone. The common experience of exiting your comfort zone, both geographically and emotionally, is somehow reassuring, and ultimately inspiring.”

–Carolyn Ali, Georgia Straight

“Due to the intimacy in these stories and the vulnerability and courage in the writing of them, this collection of essays is outstanding.”

–May Ann Moore, Vancouver Sun