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North of Iskut

In 1971 Tor Forsberg was twenty-three and her life was at a crossroads. Having returned to Watson Lake in the Yukon after five years in Montreal, she found her art career at a standstill and the party ...

Wake-Up Call

By Sterling Haynes
Categories: Memoir

In his second book, Wake-Up Call, Sterling Haynes begins by telling us that at the age of seventy a left hemisphere stroke rearranged his brain. “My right creative side took over and I started to write ...

Jacob's Prayer

By Lorne Dufour
Categories: Memoir, BIPOC

In 1974 Lorne Dufour moved to Alkali Lake Reserve, a Shuswap community near Williams Lake in British Columbia, to help reopen the local elementary school. Like many First Nation communities across Canada, ...

Wilderness Dreams

By Jack Boudreau
Categories: Biography

Jack's fourth book documents the amazing adventures of the Bowden family in the rugged wilderness of British Columbia's interior. It is largely based on 40 years of diaries kept by Liza Bowden.

Bloody Practice

By Sterling Haynes
Categories: Memoir

Beginning his medical practice in the wild frontier town of Williams Lake, the author reflects on his life, which takes him through northern Canada, Alabama, Africa and Central America.

Country Doctor

By Ben Dlin
Categories: Memoir

Starting with his first patient, a horse, Ben Dlin discovered that rural doctors are called upon to do things that he never dreamed of when he was an intern.

"I learned that I had to be prepared to do ...

Grizzly Bear Mountain

By Jack Boudreau
Categories: Memoir, BC History

Hot on the heels of his best seller, Crazy Man's Creek, Jack Boudreau writes his sequel. We go back to the small community of Penny, learn what rural kids did to amuse themselves--mother wouldn't approve--and ...

A Touch of Murder ... Now and Then

By Murdoch Robertson
Categories: Biography

One of Murdoch Robertson's law school classmates, now a senior partner at a prestigious law firm in Vancouver, asked him "How could you stand practicing 40 years in a small town?" He replied, "Lots of ...

Crazy Man's Creek

In Crazy Man's Creek, author Jack Boudreau tells of the characters who have "caught the fever" in the rugged McGregor Mountain Range east of Prince George. Long recognized as some of the toughest bush ...

Pembina Country

By Paul Jones
Categories: Memoir

Sparked by a trip 'home' decades later, Paul Jones begins to remember growing up on the Pembina River, just west of Edmonton. The result is Pembina Country -- a gentle but perceptive look at what it was ...