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Forbidden Mountains

Forbidden Mountains describes the unforgettable journey of two women who embark on the ultimate adventure: sneaking into Tibet from northern Pakistan and cross the country via the South Route, largely ...

One Gal's Army

By Sue Ward
Categories: Memoir

"Can you type?" asked the colonel. So began young Sue Ward's induction into army life. She joined the army ' the first ever Canadian Women's Army Corps ' hoping to go overseas to entertain the troops ...

Hazardous Pursuit

By Bruce Strachan
Categories: Biography

On Christmas Eve 1993, after a high-speed chase over icy winter roads, an RCMP officer shot a member of the Lillooet Nation. What led up to this tragedy? Could it have been prevented? And was justice ...

Everest Canada

By Peter Austen
Categories: Memoir

Somehow, the idea of charity balls and Mount Everest just don't fit together. But neither does the idea of someone from backwoods BC organizing an Everest attempt, which normally involves millions of ...


By Jan Drabek
Categories: Biography

Escaping from Communist Czechoslovakia on skis with his family in 1948, Jan Drabek's experience of World War II was anything but ordinary. Thirteen follows a young Drabek growing up in tumultuous Prague ...