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And the River Still Sings

By Chris Czajkowski
Categories: Memoir

How does one go from English villager to wilderness dweller? Chris Czajkowski was born and raised at the edge of a large village in England, until she abandoned the company of others to roam the countryside ...

The Cougar Lady

By Rosella Leslie
Categories: Biography

Every town has its celebrities, but Sechelt's own unique and larger-than-life personality is wholesome enough to satisfy all of North America's appetite for eccentrics. Asta Bergliot Solberg, or "Bergie," ...

Base Camp

Each spring, over eight hundred climbers attempt to reach the summit of Mt. Everest. The conditions are challenging, and without warning can become life-threatening. Some make it to the top of what is ...

Becoming Wild

Nikki van Schyndel is not your typical grizzled survivalist. She is a contemporary, urban young woman who threw off modern comforts to spend nineteen months in a remote rainforest with her housecat and ...

The Grande Dames of the Cariboo

Author Julie Fowler began a quest to find out more about an artist from the Cariboo named Sonia Cornwall (1919-2006). Through interviews, letters, original artworks, articles, exhibition catalogues, imaginings ...

Corky Williams

By Sage Birchwater
As told by Corky Williams
Categories: Memoir

A diminutive cowboy with a full beard and a Texas drawl stands onstage at Expo 86 in Vancouver telling wild and woolly stories of life in the Chilcotin backcountry. The audience is mesmerized by his poetic ...

A Steady Lens

By Sherril Foster
Photographs by Mary Spencer
Categories: Biography, Art & Photography

In the early 1900s, Mary Spencer attracted a small audience with her breathtaking photographs of the local scenery and townsfolk of Kamloops. Although her name remains unfamiliar to most Canadians, this ...

Drawn to Sea

By Yvonne Maximchuk
Categories: Memoir

In the early 1980s, Yvonne Maximchuk, a single mother of two, was living in Whiterock, BC, and making a living as a working artist and art instructor. Then she fell in love with Albert, a crab fisherman ...

Seasons of a Fly Fisher

In Seasons of a Fly Fisher, Brian Smith takes us on a journey to the Pacific Northwest where we experience the thrill of fishing for salmon and cutthroat trout. He expertly guides us to lakes and rivers ...

Ever-Changing Sky

By Doris Lee
Categories: Memoir

As a schoolteacher in Redding, California, in the late 1940s, Doris Lee (née Pope) had a satisfying career, creature comforts, and a fashionable wardrobe. Then she fell in love with John Lee, a kind-hearted ...