Whitewater Devils

Adventure on Wild Waters

By Jack Boudreau

Categories: Travel & Outdoors
Imprint: Caitlin Press
Paperback : 9781894759465, October 2010


In 1967, in celebration of Canada's 100th birthday, Les Voyageurs left Rocky Mountain House, Alberta, in ten 26-foot canoes. These one hundred gallant men, representing eight provinces and two territories, travelled 5,286 kilometres to Expo '67 in Montreal. The trip took them across such major lakes as Winnipeg, Lake of the Woods, Superior, Nipissing, Huron and Georgian Bay and through 68 gruelling portages. After 104 days of travel, the team from Manitoba paddled into the Expo site as the winners and claimed first prize.


In Whitewater Devils Boudreau includes an unbelievable collection of adventures that take place on, in and below the raging rivers and mighty lakes of BC. There are the "grizzly" stories of wildlife photographer Leon Lorenz and the tales of Ian Norn, whose love of kayaking has taken him to roaring rapids and canyons that were out of the reach of humans just a few short years ago. Then there is diver Russ Logan, whose normal day on the job sends him swimming through 85 feet of 36-inch pipe beneath four feet of riverbed or, on another occasion, into the darkness of the Nechako River to remove a drowned moose that was caught in the trash rack of a pulp mill. In his eighth collection, Boudreau once again shares the stories of the brave, adventurous'sometimes foolhardy'men and women of Northern BC and beyond.