Sunrise Over Half-Built Houses

Love, Longing and Addiction in Suburbia

By Erin Steele

Categories: Memoir, LGBTQ+
Imprint: Dagger Editions
Paperback : 9781773861500, 240 pages, October 2024
Expected to ship: 2024-10-04

Erin Steele delivers an authentic, humble and ultimately inspiring story through love, addiction and learning to find peace in the darkest moments of longing.


Erin wants nothing more than to be seen and loved, but she’s trapped in a cage of her own shyness. Set in the underbelly of the suburbs of Vancouver in the early 2000s, young Erin develops a confusing and intense crush on a female classmate, sparking desperate bids for attention and setting Erin on a dangerous path in search of fulfilment. When that path leads to hard drugs and the illusion of security and love, there’s no turning back.

Anchored by her boyfriend-turned-best-friend and a chorus of pierced, punk friends, Erin lives and loves on the outskirts of real consequence as her world gets smaller and darker. Eventually clawing her way out of the dark depths of rock bottom through running, she finds herself still trapped in cycles of addiction. It’s only when consequence eventually hits—and hits hard—that she meets both grief and herself. There, she finally sees everything she’s been trying to escape in new light, and her transformation begins.