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The Earth Remembers Everything

The Earth Remembers Everything is a masterful blend of history, travel and poetic narrative, tracing the author's journeys to some of the most difficult destinations in the world; the Cui Chi Tunnels in ...

The Light Through the Trees

By Luanne Armstrong
Categories: Memoir

The Light Through the Trees is a remarkable and deeply wise reflection on land, farming, a sense of place, connecting with nature and what it means to live on this earth. As a third-generation farmer, ...

Beautiful Mutants

By Adam Pottle
Categories: Poetry

In this jarring collection, Adam Pottle cracks open the world of disability, illuminating it with an idiom that is both unsettling and exhilarating. His subjects are gritty and multifarious: amputee sex ...

Old Lives

By John Schreiber
Categories: BC History

Set in the wild country north of Lillooet and west of the great Fraser River, Old Lives: In the Chilcotin Backcountry paints the rugged landscape and equally rugged lives of the Chilcotin’s enigmatic ...

A Thoroughly Wicked Woman

By Betty Keller
Categories: Fiction

On a foggy evening in November 1905, 48-year-old Thomas Jackson returned to his home on Melville Street in Vancouver after nine months of prospecting north of the Skeena. Jackson was happy because he ...

Railroader's Wife

By Jane Stevenson
Categories: BC History

The story of the railway has never been told in a more charming voice as in these letters by Bernice Medbury Martin who married railroader Leslie Martin in 1912 and arrived in Prince Rupert at the height ...


By Al Rempel
Categories: Poetry

Understories explores the meeting of the natural, suburban and inner-city experiences of Prince George. These poems look beneath the daily observations of a place jostled between stripmalls and pubs, the ...

Wax Boats

By Sarah Roberts
Categories: Fiction

In Sarah Robert's debut collection Wax Boats, a rural island community comes to life in action-packed, evocative tales. Cougar ladies fight the BC wilderness and the inevitable extinction of their peaceful ...

Jacob's Prayer

By Lorne Dufour
Categories: Memoir, BIPOC

In 1974 Lorne Dufour moved to Alkali Lake Reserve, a Shuswap community near Williams Lake in British Columbia, to help reopen the local elementary school. Like many First Nation communities across Canada, ...

(flood basement

By Jeremy Stewart
Categories: Poetry

Jeremy Stewart's first book, (flood basement, is a young poet's search for and discovery of his place in the local landscape. The poet is haunted by the legacy of colonialism and propelled by the struggles ...