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By Chelsea Rooney
Categories: Fiction

Julia Hoop, a twenty-five-year-old counselling psych student, is working on her thesis, exploring an idea which makes her graduate supervisor squirm. She is conducting interview after interview with a ...

Born Out of This

By Christine Lowther
Categories: Memoir

Born Out of This follows Christine Lowther's journey from the unutterable loss of her mother to the discovery of her own poetic voice through deep reflection and her intimate connection to the coastal ...

Dipnetting with Dad

By Willie Sellars
Illustrated by Kevin Easthope
Categories: Children's, BIPOC

BUMP, BUMP -- SLAP, river sockeye salmon are pulled onto shore!

Set in the beautiful landscape of the Cariboo Chilcotin region, Dipnetting with Dad is a delightful and colourful story of a father teaching ...

Surveying Southern British Columbia

By Jay Sherwood
Categories: BC History

Surveying Southern British Columbia, Jay Sherwood's fourth and final book about prominent BC surveyor Frank Swannell, covers the years from 1901 to 1907, before Swannell began surveying for the BC government. ...

Dead Salmon Dialectics

Drawing on scientific studies of salmon recycling in perhumid rainforests, Dead Salmon Dialectics follows the dark and often humorous trial of a young biologist at work in the wildest estuaries of the ...

Dreamland Theatre

By Rob Budde
Categories: Poetry

The Dreamland Theatre exists in a photograph of a white building on sledges being pulled through the mud from one location to another by a team of horses in Prince George (then Fort George) circa 1912. ...

Covering Rough Ground

By Kate Braid
Categories: Poetry

Poems about Kate's early experience in construction.

Jane and the Whales

In this playful yet poignant debut collection, Andrea Routley muddies the line between the physical and emotional worlds: reality becomes not simply what is in front of us, but a mutable, fragile place ...

Mantis Dreams

By Adam Pottle
Categories: Fiction

Mantis Dreams: The Journal of Dr. Dexter Ripley is a crackling, searing satire that ridicules both political correctness and the restrictive world of academia. But Adam Pottle's first novel is also a poignant ...

This Isn't the Apocalypse We Hoped For

By Al Rempel
Categories: Poetry

How do we navigate a world of fast-food joints, big-box stores and traffic jams, where people grandstand in the deli and homeless men announce the end of the world through "slats in the sky"? Where the ...