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Surveying Northern British Columbia

By Jay Sherwood
Categories: BC History

Considered one of British Columbia's most famous pioneer surveyors, Frank Swannell surveyed much of northern BC for the provincial government between 1908 and 1914, taking many striking photographs of ...

Railroader's Wife

By Jane Stevenson
Categories: BC History

The story of the railway has never been told in a more charming voice as in these letters by Bernice Medbury Martin who married railroader Leslie Martin in 1912 and arrived in Prince Rupert at the height ...

Chasing Their Dreams

By Lily Chow
Categories: BC History

Chasing Their Dreams recreates the hardships early Chinese settlers faced in Northwestern British Columbia: harsh land and climate, little or no financial resources, deep-set prejudice and sometimes racial ...

Double or Nothing

By Darcy Christensen
Categories: Memoir

Life has always been a bit of a gamble for Darcy Christensen. Born in Ocean Falls in 1929, he was raised in Bella Coola Valley and Anahim Lake on the Chilcotin Plateau. The Christensen family were among ...

North of Iskut

In 1971 Tor Forsberg was twenty-three and her life was at a crossroads. Having returned to Watson Lake in the Yukon after five years in Montreal, she found her art career at a standstill and the party ...

Inward to the Bones

By Kate Braid
Categories: Poetry

In 1930, Emily Carr met Georgia O'Keeffe at an exhibition of O'Keeffe's paintings in New York. Inspired by the idea of a bond between these two powerful painters, award-winning poet Kate Braid has expanded ...

Sojourners in the North

By Lily Chow
Categories: BC History, BIPOC

Early Chinese settlers in BC lived a shadowy life. Sometimes feared, always misunderstood, these people farmed, mined, and lived in central BC with hopes of returning home to their villages with riches. ...

Pembina Country

By Paul Jones
Categories: Memoir

Sparked by a trip 'home' decades later, Paul Jones begins to remember growing up on the Pembina River, just west of Edmonton. The result is Pembina Country -- a gentle but perceptive look at what it was ...

Call for Submissions: ICE

By Malaika Aleba December 21, 2023