Kristin Miller

After her early days as a waitress, Kristin Miller worked as an occupational therapist. After abandoning that career, she was a housemother at a group home for teens, worked on a fish farm, coordinated a mental health activity program, and became a professional quilter. Kristin has created hundreds of art quilts and custom quilts, and has involved others in group-made friendship quilts and protest quilts. She is the author of The Careless Quilter: Decide-as-You-Sew, Design-as-You-Go Quiltmaking. She wrote a research paper about the Coastal Quilters for the American Quilt Study Group, and contributed a chapter to Gumboot Girls: Adventure, Love & Survival on the North Coast of British Columbia. She lives in Powell River, BC, and enjoys reading, gardening, boating, dogs and red wine.

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