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The Trials of Albert Stroebel

By Chad Reimer
Categories: BC History

On a dreary morning in April, 1893, John Marshall, a Portuguese immigrant and successful farmer on Sumas Prairie in British Columbia, was found lying sprawled across the veranda of his farmhouse, his ...

Surveying the 120th Meridian and the Great Divide

By Jay Sherwood
Categories: BC History

Surveying the 120th Meridian and the Great Divide is the second book of a two-part series describing the initial Alberta/BC boundary survey undertaken between 1913-1924. Surveying the 120th Meridian focuses ...

The Co-op Revolution

By Jan DeGrass
Categories: BC History

"We were undercapitalized, inexperienced, practiced democratic decision-making and some of us smoked dope occasionally. All elements that would make us grow as human beings and as business people. We ...

Before We Lost the Lake

For thousands of years, the broad expanse between Sumas and Vedder Mountains east of Vancouver lay under water, forming the bed of Sumas Lake. As recently as a century ago, the lake's shores stood four ...

Blossoms in the Gold Mountains

By Lily Chow
Categories: BC History

Third book by de facto expert on Chinese Immigration to BC reveals never-before-told stories relevant to food, politics and national heritage. In this long awaited third book, author Lily Chow further ...

Fernie at War

By Wayne Norton
Categories: BC History

From "enemy alien" internment camps to WWI disillusionment - these are the five pivotal years that shaped Fernie, BC, a city instrumental to the national identity of Canada. Fernie, a small community ...

Surveying the Great Divide

By Jay Sherwood
Categories: BC History

First in new photobook series geared to surveying buffs from prolific author and historian, Jay Sherwood. In 1917 Canada commemorated its 50th anniversary against the backdrop of World War I. Although ...

The Land on Which We Live

Legendary tales of pioneers and adventurers cultivating BC's Cariboo Plateau in between the 19th and 20th century. The romantic backwoods landscape known as the North Bonaparte, stretches east from 70 ...

Chilcotin Chronicles

By Sage Birchwater
Categories: BC History

A collection of historical stories about the early indigenous people, settlers, trappers, and adventurers of BC's Cariboo Chilcotin. A compilation of stories that meld both culture and bloodlines, Chilcotin ...

How Deep is the Lake

Curious about the previous inhabitants of the lake where her family has spent the summer for over one hundred years, author Shelley O'Callaghan starts researching and writing about the area. But what ...