The Taste of Ashes

By Sheila Peters

Categories: Fiction
Imprint: Caitlin Press
Paperback : 9781894759779, April 2012


Isabel Lee's early life in rural BC was forever changed by a brief but powerful love affair with a young Oblate priest. Now a recovering alcoholic, Isabel struggles to pull the tattered fragments of her life together and repair the damage to her relationship with her estranged daughter. Once idealistic and hopeful, Father Alvaro Ruiz now has his own demons to confront. Brutally tortured at the hands of the Guatemalan authorities and unable to escape from the wounds of his past, Alvaro returns to Canada seeking sanctuary, a broken man with a tenuous grip on his faith in God and humanity. Isabel and Alvaro's stories slowly weave together and they are eventually faced with their greatest challenge yet: can they carry on in the wake of the damage and bring themselves to forgive? Compelling and disturbing, but ultimately hopeful, this is the story of how we find grace in the most unexpected places.