The Adventures of Grey-Dawn

By The Ghostwriter

Categories: Children's
Imprint: Caitlin Press
Paperback : 9780920576939, October 2001


The Adventures of Grey-Dawn is the first in a series of books that brings the knowledge and wisdom of ancient native legends into a new era with renewed life. Metis legends come alive in this tale of courage and perseverance. Grey-Dawn--an outcast from his people because of his eye colour--and his friends Eagle, Moose and Owl make the journey to the centre of the island in search of the Spirit of the Flame. Along the way there are many barriers to overcome. Raven, Coyote and Fox try to trick Grey-Dawn into giving up his quest to become the flame-keeper. Royalties from the sales of this series of books will go toward assisting in the completion of Shamanic Park, a wildlife sanctuary and interpretive centre in Salmo, BC.