Hockey with Dad

By Willie Sellars
Illustrated by Kevin Easthope

Categories: Children's, BIPOC
Imprint: Caitlin Press
Hardcover : 9781987915808, 32 pages, September 2021

The highly anticipated follow-up to the award-winning Dipnetting with Dad, in Hockey with Dad, Little Brother's adventures continue as he grows and learns about the importance of hockey to his Secwépemc community.


She shoots, she scores! Big Sister's hockey team has worked hard toward the most important game of the season. When the team goalie gets sick, Little Brother excitedly steps onto the ice to play in the Championship game. He always wanted to be part of the lineup, where Big Sister is the ace forward. The closer the game gets, the more nervous he becomes. Can he and Sister make the community proud? He must rely on his family's long history of playing hockey, the wisdom of Grandpa, Dad, Big Sister, and the Secwépemc cultural values they impart.


“A beautiful and inspiring story about the love of family, culture, and hockey.”

—Monique Gray Smith, author of When We Are Kind

“This story brings me back to my own childhood when my love of hockey first took root. There were many people in my life much like the grandfather in this story who encouraged and supported me. They always reminded me to work really hard, be respectful, and most importantly remember to have fun.”

—Reggie Leach, CM, OM, former right winger for the Boston Bruins

“This story takes me back to my memories as a child playing hockey. Each time after I played my father would always ask me if I had fun, and I always replied, ‘I sure did’ with a big smile. Play, have fun and make friends.”

—Ted Nolan, former professional hockey player and head coach for the Buffalo Sabres

“This book is a reminder that the game of hockey is for enjoyment, and enjoyment of this game is for EVERYONE. I encourage those who love this sport to support the players, coaches and officials to create a positive environment for the betterment of everyone involved. Have fun!”

—Carey Price, goaltender for the Montreal Canadiens