Hazard, Home

By Christine Lowther

Categories: Poetry
Imprint: Caitlin Press
Paperback : 9781773861241, 84 pages, February 2024


Room is made for martens when time hollows a hemlock:

the arborists’ hazard, home to more scufflers and singers.

It’s the dying that reinvigorates; roosts, rests, hidden shelters,

clinging of bat claw under flap of loose bark.


Hazard, Home is a tribute to both wonder and grief for Earth’s inhabitants and systems. With admiration for the land holders (trees) and inhabitants of the rainforest, wetlands and oceans of her home, former Tofino Poet Laureate Christine Lowther delves into the pressing issues of urbanization, climate change, and loss of biodiversity while expressing her deep concern for those feathered, furred, webbed, and rooted. Hazard, Home is set apart from traditional nature poetry by its decolonial lens which pays tribute to stolen lands as well as displaced people and cultures. Lowther’s words are both startling and reflective as she bears witness to the devastating impact of our presence on the natural world. Through her evocative writing, Lowther inspires us to celebrate the beauty of nature while recognizing the urgent need for change.