Finding Ft. George

By Rob Budde

Categories: Poetry
Imprint: Caitlin Press
Paperback : 9781894759274, November 2007


Finding Ft. George is the poetic record of Rob Budde's growing love of Prince George and the Cariboo north-central region of BC. The poems are an act of discovery and they describe the various social, political, historical and environmental systems that Budde encounters with the eye of a patient, astute observer. Engaging in the language of location, each poem explores a place, a time and the process of building a relationship between the two. Sometimes gritty, sometimes ironic, sometimes barely able to see the place at all, the poems are all love poems to a new home -- gifts of arrival.


"[V]erse bursting with energy... he is well on his way to becoming a major Canadian poet."

Prairie Fire Review of Books

"Rob Budde's latest collection of poems Finding Ft. George is a unique look at settling into a new community and making it a home. With poems delving into every aspect of Prince George, British Columbia, Budde's collection reveals aspects of life in a small town that usually go unnoticed by people... The language Budde employs is concise, with each image working together to create a complete picture of Prince George for the reader. Also, the idea of the 'poem' itself occurs in most of Budde's work. The result of such a rhetorical device is the feeling that the reader is being given the opportunity to experience the intimacy of Budde's unique point of view, just as it unravels."

JIVE Magazine