Time Out of Time Named a Goldie Finalist

Time Out of Time Named a Goldie Finalist

By Malaika Aleba|Date: April 27, 2023

This Lesbian Visibility Week, we're so excited to announce that Time Out of Time by Arleen Paré has been named a finalist in the Golden Crown Literary Award's poetry category along with Adela Zamudio: Selected Poetry & Prose by Lynette Yetter.

In Time Out of Time, Arleen Paré pays homage to the work of lesbian Syrian American poet Etel Adnan. 

“Graceful, sensual, and evocative, Arleen Paré’s latest collection pays fitting homage to the poetry of the late Etel Adnan. Time Out of Time is also very much its own text, moving and beguiling, and expanding in multiple directions as it explores mortality, lesbian identity, and queer poetics.”—Annick MacAskill, author of Swimming Upwards and Murmurations 

About the Golden Crown Literary Society: "The Golden Crown Literary Society was established at a time when lesbian, women-loving-women, and sapphic literature was not being recognized by people outside of our community. Founded in 2004, the GCLS knows the importance of being seen. Our mission statement is at the heart of everything that we do and we strive to make our literature visible and accessible to all."

Big thank you to the Golden Crown Literary Society and congratulations to Arleen Paré!