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A Thoroughly Wicked Woman

By Betty Keller
Categories: Fiction

On a foggy evening in November 1905, 48-year-old Thomas Jackson returned to his home on Melville Street in Vancouver after nine months of prospecting north of the Skeena. Jackson was happy because he ...

Better the Devil You Know

By Betty Keller
Categories: Fiction

Set in Vancouver in 1907, Better the Devil You Know is the outrageous tale of three unique and curious characters: the small-time con man who passes himself off as an evangelical preacher, the scrawny ...

Forests Power Policy

As education minister, Ray Williston introduced the idea of university education for teachers, among other then-radical innovations. As minister of lands and forests, he had his greatest impact. From ...

The Legendary Betty Frank

She grew up playing on log booms and living in float houses, and at nine years old she learned to shoot a rifle and hunt game. Strong-willed and independent, Betty Frank always had a difficult time following ...

Disaster on Mount Slesse

Mount Slesse, a jagged 2,500-metre peak near Chilliwack BC known locally as "The Fang," lived up to its evil reputation on December 9, 1956, when Trans Canada Airlines Flight 810 slammed into it, killing ...

Claire Finlayson

After a twenty-five-year career as a jewellery designer, running a business and raising a family, Claire Finlayson now writes full time. She has always been an essay writer, and occasionally a journalist, ...