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By Catherine Lang
Categories: Memoir

When Catherine Lang's niece and Calgary Herald reporter Michelle Lang was killed while embedded with Canadian troops near Kandahar City, Afghanistan, in 2009, her world shifted.

In the aftermath, Lang ...

This Report is Strictly Confidential

Presented in four linked sections, this debut poetry collection from award winning writer Elizabeth Ruth offers readers rare glimpses into private worlds, revealing the life of the author’s aunt who ...

The Flesh of Ice

By Garry Gottfriedson
Categories: Poetry, BIPOC

The Secwépemc term le estcwicwéy̓ (the missing) was given by Secwépemc elders who dedicated their knowledge and time to guide the community through the hell they were forced to endure in May 2021. ...

Death of Persephone

In Death of Persephone, the patriarchal myth of the maiden taken, raped, and made the potent and sexualized queen of the underworld is questioned, altered, flipped. Instead, we have Stephanie, a girl ...

Sunrise Over Half-Built Houses

By Erin Steele
Categories: Memoir

Erin wants nothing more than to be seen and loved, but she’s trapped in a cage of her own shyness. Set in the underbelly of the suburbs of Vancouver in the early 2000s, young Erin develops a confusing ...

Dancing on Mountains

Edited by Luanne Armstrong
Categories: Anthology

Nestled among pristine lakes, powerful rivers and awe-inducing mountain ranges, the Kootenay region of British Columbia has always drawn a distinctly adventurous crowd. The dramatic and somewhat isolated ...

Little Fortified Stories

A spinster in love with a tobacco-smoking ghost. A lonely one-eyed monster who wanders the desert. A Medieval saint who delights in her “miraculous ruine.” In Little Fortified Stories, award-winning ...

Sisters of the Spruce

By Leslie Shimotakahara
Categories: Fiction

World War One is in high gear. Fourteen-year-old Khya Terada moves with her family to a remote, misty inlet on Haida Gwaii, then the Queen Charlotte Islands, in northern British Columbia, known for its ...

The Liturgy of Savage No. 082

Originally from the community of Ekuanitshit (Mingan) in the Lower North Shore region of Quebec, Cousineau-Mollen was adopted at a very young age by an urban family as part of what is now known as the ...

Becoming the Harvest

By Pauline Le Bel
Categories: Poetry

Becoming the Harvest invites the reader to contemplate the fierce transformative initiations of aging and death. Le Bel takes readers through a poignant poetic journey inspired by her intimate experience ...