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Gerry Bracewell

Gerry Bracewell has lived in the Chilcotin Valley for over seventy-five years. She helped pioneer the valley's early school system and was an advocate for the school district until 1974. Gerry worked ...

Claire Sicherman

Claire Sicherman is a graduate of the creative non-fiction program at The Humber School for Writers. Her work has appeared in the anthology Sustenance: Writers from BC and Beyond on the Subject of Food ...

Andrea Routley

Andrea Routley is the co-founder of Victoria's LoudSpeaker Festival, a festival of music, theatre and poetry in celebration of International Women's Day. Walk Myself Home is her first anthology.

Vera Maloff

Vera Maloff was born into a Doukhobor family in the Kootenay valley of British Columbia. Her writing reflects the influence of her grandparents, who were active in the peace movement and befriended the ...

Geoff Mynett

Geoff Mynett was born in England where he qualified as a Barrister. After emigrating to British Columbia in 1973, he became a Canadian citizen, requalified as a lawyer and practiced law until his retirement. ...