Cathy Sosnowsky

After teaching poetry as a college instructor for many years, Cathy Sosnowsky turned to writing for solace after the loss of her three children, one to a fatal and tragic accident and two to addiction. Her poetry collection, Holding On: Poems for Alex (Granville Island Publishing, 2001), traces her passage through grief and her memoir, Snapshots: A Story of Love, Loss and Life (Granville Island Publishing, 2010), includes the story of losing her two adopted children to addiction. Cathy's writing has also appeared in the Vancouver Sun, the Globe & Mail, the Georgia Straight, and Pacific Yachting. She has presented about grief and writing worldwide, conducts writing workshops, and is the chapter leader and newsletter editor of the North Shore Compassionate Friends, a parents bereavement group. Her latest book, Finding Heartstone, is a testimony to the healing power of writing, home cooking, and nature. Cathy lives in North Vancouver, BC.

Books By Cathy Sosnowsky