Kagan Goh

Kagan Goh was born in Singapore in 1969. After years of travelling, he emigrated with his family to Canada in 1986 and now resides in Vancouver. He is a spoken word poet, playwright, actor, mental health advocate and activist. Kagan has been published in several anthologies, including Strike the Wok: An Anthology of Contemporary Chinese Canadian Fiction (TSAR Publications), Henry Chow and Other Stories from the Asian Canadian Writer's Workshop (Tradewinds Books), Solamente en San Miguel: A Literary Celebration, Volume III (San Miguel Literary Sala) and Alive at the Center (Ooligan Press). He has also been published in periodicals and magazines such as Ricepaper, Misfit Lit, SARE: Southeast Asian Review of English, and Open Minds Quarterly. In 2012, Select Books of Singapore published his debut book, Who Let in the Sky?. Goh is also an award-winning documentary filmmaker with a number of releases, including the award-winning Mind Fuck (1996) and Stolen Memories (2012). His films have been broadcast on national television and screened at respected film festivals across Canada. Surviving Samsara was also a multimedia multidisciplinary live theatrical production of the same name that incorporated dramatic performances, spoken word, music, and audiovisuals.

Books By Kagan Goh