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By Chelsea Rooney
Categories: Fiction

Julia Hoop, a twenty-five-year-old counselling psych student, is working on her thesis, exploring an idea which makes her graduate supervisor squirm. She is conducting interview after interview with a ...

Hideout Hotel

In a mining town edging the Australian Nullarbor, Gina sits at the bar and devotes herself to the heart of what she's trying to escape. After finishing a gruelling cross-Canada tour, Dana, an alt-rock ...

Somewhere In Between

By Donna Milner
Categories: Fiction

Following tragic events from which Julie O'Dale believes she will never recover, she buys into her husband Ian's dream to give up their comfortable city lives and retreat to the isolated Chilcotin area ...

The Promise of Rain

By Donna Milner
Categories: Fiction

Ethie Coulter was born after her father Howard returned from the war in 1945. She never knew him as he was before, never knew that he had been an open, loving man and a devoted husband. When his wife ...

Jane and the Whales

In this playful yet poignant debut collection, Andrea Routley muddies the line between the physical and emotional worlds: reality becomes not simply what is in front of us, but a mutable, fragile place ...

Mantis Dreams

By Adam Pottle
Categories: Fiction

Mantis Dreams: The Journal of Dr. Dexter Ripley is a crackling, searing satire that ridicules both political correctness and the restrictive world of academia. But Adam Pottle's first novel is also a poignant ...

Haines Junction

By David Thompson
Categories: Fiction

Joshua Waldo Lake Shackelton, born in New Mexico in 1946, could never ignore the call of the wild. In 1964, spared from the draft, he slips up the coast as far as the tip of Vancouver Island before moving ...

The Federov Legacy

By Rosella Leslie
Categories: Fiction

Surgei Galipova, a Russian immigrant and a rancher in the Cariboo region of British Columbia, owes his life to the Countess Catherine Stanislavovna Federov. When the Countess asks Surgei to send his eighteen-year-old ...

The Earth Remembers Everything

The Earth Remembers Everything is a masterful blend of history, travel and poetic narrative, tracing the author's journeys to some of the most difficult destinations in the world; the Cui Chi Tunnels in ...

Tears of Mehndi

By Raminder Sidhu
Categories: Fiction

A courageous and timely novel, Tears of Mehndi explores the rich, complex and often heartbreaking lives of a tight-knit community in Vancouver’s Little India. Through the perspectives of several women ...