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Rising Tides

Edited by Cate Sandilands
Categories: Anthology, Environment

Ice melt; sea level rise; catastrophic weather; flooding; drought; fire; infestation; species extinction and adaptation; water shortage and contamination; intensified social inequity, migration and cultural ...

Before We Lost the Lake

For thousands of years, the broad expanse between Sumas and Vedder Mountains east of Vancouver lay under water, forming the bed of Sumas Lake. As recently as a century ago, the lake's shores stood four ...

Freshly Picked

By Jane Reid
Categories: Environment

Take a delightful journey through BC's extraordinary bounty and explore the secrets of locally grown fruits and vegetables. In Jane Reid's new book, Freshly Picked, foodies, locavores and gardeners will ...

Whale in the Door

By Pauline Le Bel
Foreword by Elizabeth May
Photographs by Richard Duncan
Categories: Memoir, Environment

The hidden life of Howe Sound and the transformative power of Coast Salish culture and environmental science. An exhilarating mix of natural history and personal exploration Whale in the Door is a passionate ...

A World for My Daughter

By Alejandro Frid
Categories: Environment

As an ecologist, Alejandro Frid is haunted by the irrevocable changes that humans are forcing upon Earth-the loss of ancient forests, the demise of large predators, shifts in the chemistry and circulation ...


Candid, poetic and forensic, Derrick Stacey Denholm's Ground-Truthing walks the reader slowly and nimbly through the tangle of social, ecological and economic slash piles that dominate BC's North Coast. ...

Chicken Poop for the Soul

By Kristeva Dowling
Categories: Environment

Food sovereignty goes beyond addressing the need to secure a daily food source. Food sovereignty means having the right to determine where your food comes from and how it is produced. In 2008, alarmed ...

Clearcut Cause

Set in the wild and wonderful Kootenay region of British Columbia, this novel probes the on-going battle between environmentalists and loggers over the forests both groups love -- but for very different ...