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Gently to Nagasaki

By Joy Kogawa
Categories: Memoir, BIPOC

Gently to Nagasaki is a spiritual pilgrimage, an exploration both communal and intensely personal. Set in Vancouver and Toronto, the outposts of Slocan and Coaldale, the streets of Nagasaki and the high ...

Dipnetting with Dad

By Willie Sellars
Illustrated by Kevin Easthope
Categories: Children's, BIPOC

BUMP, BUMP -- SLAP, river sockeye salmon are pulled onto shore!

Set in the beautiful landscape of the Cariboo Chilcotin region, Dipnetting with Dad is a delightful and colourful story of a father teaching ...

Back to the Red Road

In June 1967, Norway House Indian Residential School of Manitoba closed its doors after a somewhat questionable past. In 1954, when Florence Kaefer was just nineteen, she accepted a job as a teacher at ...

Spicing Up the Cariboo

Throughout the world, food provides the essence of connection to traditions, culture, family, and community. It offers comfort in times of trial, sustenance in lean times, and richness in times of celebration. ...

Valley Sutra

By Kuldip Gill
Categories: Poetry, BIPOC

Memorials and the yearning to re-create the past permeate Valley Sutra, award-winning poet Kuldip Gill's new collection. The voices of East Indian communities and families speak up, reminding us that ...

Jacob's Prayer

By Lorne Dufour
Categories: Memoir, BIPOC

In 1974 Lorne Dufour moved to Alkali Lake Reserve, a Shuswap community near Williams Lake in British Columbia, to help reopen the local elementary school. Like many First Nation communities across Canada, ...

Enter the Chrysanthemum

By Fiona Tinwei Lam
Categories: Poetry, BIPOC

Enter the Chrysanthemum is a luminous collection of poems about family, love and loss. Employing precise imagery and concise language, Lam plumbs and mines ordinary events and experiences to find a central ...

Salish Elders

By Wim Tewinkle
Categories: BC History, BIPOC

With stunning photographs and the Elders' stories, author Wim Tewinkel records the lives lead by twenty-one elders of the Interior Salish people. They share with the author the highlights of their lives ...

The Colour of Gold

By Margaret McKirdy
Categories: Biography, BIPOC

Cree Adelaide McCauley and her two children witness the shooting of their Metis husband/ father by a crazed white miner. She attempts to nurse him back to life but he dies after several painful days. ...