Call for Submissions: ICE

Call for Submissions: ICE

a water anthology, edited by Yvonne Blomer

By Malaika Aleba|Date: December 21, 2023

This winter solstice, which is about the return of the light, but also the darkest day, the beginning of winter, in a time when we are relieved to have winter, Caitlin Press and editor Yvonne Blomer are pleased to send out this call for poems about Ice for the third book in Yvonne’s trilogy of water anthologies.

Submit up to 3 poems
Include your contact details, address, phone number and email in your submission as well as an up-to-date bio
Pm Yvonne for a snail mail address.

Deadline: Summer Solstice June 20, 2024

To Yvonne Blomer

Please note the following:
1. contributors are invited to read Refugium: Poems for the Pacific, or Sweet Water: Poems for the Watersheds, the originals, for a better understanding of the poetic ecosystem the editor is creating in the trilogy;
2. the editor openly encourages Indigenous writers, writers of colour, writers from the LGBTQ2 community, writers with disabilities and women-identifying authors to submit their work for consideration; the call is open to all poets;
3. contributors should ensure that their name, mailing address, citizenship, phone number and email are in the cover letter along with the titles of the poems;
4. contributors will receive some remuneration;
5. expected publication date: Spring 2025 (not guaranteed);
6. previously unpublished poems preferred but published will also be accepted.

Details on submissions:

Ice (not the final title) will be the third book in Yvonne Blomer’s trilogy of climate crisis/water anthologies. First, Refugium: Poems for the Pacific explored our reliance on and connections to the Pacific Ocean, then with Sweet Water: Poems from the Watersheds poets explored the rivers and water systems that flow into the oceans. With this third anthology, Yvonne will gather poems of ice and melt, including poems that explore melting glaciers, northern ice, creatures revealed in melted permafrost, particles, and chemicals in the ice we use in drinks and food, ice skating and ice sports that also touch on climate change, polar bears and seals, the melting glaciers, the flooding lands and rising oceans all interlinked by Ice and Climate Change.